Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Another day, another photo

For today's blogging exercise, we'll try putting an image in directly instead of using Hello. This one is taken from my weekly NASA satellite photo update and it shows the Aurora Australias shimmering over Antarctica. I have to say, this method is far more friendly.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Another photo, and a second success

Princess and Aidan.

Nothing sweeter than a miniature Pinto!

The bosque path on a nice November day, this being my first attempt at publishing via Hello. Some apps are intuitive, some apps aren't. Like this one, which wasn't but I figured it out anyway.


Well, here we go.

Spending some time today trying to find the location of the hotel for my upcoming trip to Shanghai. Interesting thing, boomtowns - too much going on to accurately keep track of it. Searching the web for maps results in finding that the place I'm looking for is in any one of a dozen different locations. Which of course is anathema to a geography nutcase such as I. When traveling, I have this notion that I like to know where I am, and discovering that even mapmakers don't know where I'm going to be is not a comforting feeling. So, a with a couple of orders on their way from Amazon and ITM, I'm expecting to resolve it to my liking.

But, when it comes time to get in the turquoise taxi at PVG, is the driver going to know?

Lots of associated sundry fun too, like navigating Microsoft to learn how to install simplified Chinese characters on my trusty laptop. That done, I have to wonder what the heck benefit they offer. (The characters that is.)

For all the searching, I did learn a couple of things - like "bei", "nan", "dong", "xi" and "lu". At least now I can now say the four directions to everyone as they bemusedly stare at me.