Monday, April 22, 2013

Photos: Dresses of the Fería de Abril

During the week of the annual Fería de Abril, many of the women of Sevilla don traditional Flamenco wear for their trips out and about. We saw ladies ranging from toddler to Doña throughout the city although the greatest concentration was on the actual fairgrounds. Walking in groups, or alone, chatting on cell phones or accompanied by their beaus who were often dressed in the standard Spanish business attire – tan or gray slacks, blue blazer and shirt, conservatively colored tie – their presence ala flamenca created a very festive and urbane atmosphere, particularly in contrast to the sunburned tourists in cargo shorts, tank tops and athletic shoes. Many Spanish women are quite stylish, both in cutting edge and conservative fashion, and seeing them in their dedication to this more traditional wear was a true highlight of our visit. 

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Dresses of the Fería de Abril


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