Thursday, September 07, 2006

Morning commute

Not much to say about the trip over to the office except that it was interesting. Every time we leave the hotel and head over to the design center, we go a different way. You don't realize it at first - you're new to the locale, but it becomes obvious after a while. And you get wondering, because every time it takes 40 minutes for a 2.5 mile trip.

This picture shows the angry motobikers riding off having finished yelling at us for blocking their path. Our driver, in his zeal to keep contact with the other van pulled across an intersection. The light turned, we were stranded. These folks were unhappy, as was the policeman who came up to the window and started screaming at us. Our driver returned the invective in kind and handed over his wallet. We idled on the shoulder waiting for our doom. It was suggested that I refrain from taking pictures of the argument. I got little out of the exchange, and it really drove home the point that no matter how many times I ace a Rosetta Stone test, and regardless of how many dictionaries I buy, I will never master this language enough to yell back at an angry cop.

From there we went on, zigging and zagging across Hongqiao until we saw the tip of the buildings famous cone sticking above the surrounding buildings in the opposite direction of where we were headed, did an articulate U-turn in front of a bicyclist that used all his will to remain upright, avoided a tree by 1.23cm and made our way back to the Beckoning Bauhaus.

One last shot of a street vendor. She was cooking these 3 foot diameter crepes on a round steel pan mounted to a cart. She'd spread the liquid out, passersby would stop, pick some items from bins spread it out on their section and she would them flip it over and carve it up into individual portions. It looked good, it made me hungry. And hunger is the topic of our next post. Dinner, which appeared after many hours of meetings, presentations, sitting in traffic and driving across town. Another dinner to remember if only for the steamed jellyfish.

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